Motivate Your Audience

to take actionable steps towards success

I help audience members, roundtable attendees, and marketers of every level develop actionable plans for value-based marketing that drives results.

What are your attendees looking to accomplish at your event?

With over 13 years of digital marketing experience, 5 industry awards, over 100 press clippings, and untold amounts of hours with my nose to the grind stone, I know what it takes to develop marketing initiatives that work.

I'm a believer in "a rising tide lifts all boats" so I've spent the past 5+ years teaching other small business owners the ways to establish value-based marketing plans that allow their businesses to attract the right customers, readers, and fans without making it feel like homework. 

It's my goal to have my audience leave each of my seminars with actionable steps laid out, rather than a vague feeling of "now what?"

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