Develop Your Costs and Create Profit in Your Business with PRICR!

Do you feel like you're just not pricing your products the smart way? Are you struggling to cover your overhead and can't figure out why?

PRICR is here for you! This robust spreadsheet can help you figure out the correct pricing structure you need to charge for your products, both as wholesale and retail, and give you peace of mind when putting your products in the marketplace.

I've used PRICR to help my own business, launch award-winning products that are fairly priced and help keep my business profitable, and now I want it to help you!

PRICR is 100% customizable to your industry and growing business!

PRICR works with Excel, OpenOffice, or Numbers. 

Check out these testimonials on how PRICR has helped other small business owners:


overall super cool and awesome idea!!


Austin, TX


This is great for anyone who is launching a new product. The best part is you can continue using this app even after launch to make sure your costs are where they need to be. Many of the times, the cost of a product can get lost especially when you have so many other things to do. This makes it easy and simple. I would highly recommend it.



PRICR really helped me figure out my costs. Before I got this, I was just sorta winging it, but found out I was barely breaking even! Thanks to PRICR I've lowered my costs and upped my price.


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