Using Pinterest for Your Business

Are you looking to use Pinterest for your business and apply it as one of your social media strategies? Like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is one of the go-to websites for shoppers to look for ideas/inspiration. In one of Millward Brown Digital’s research studies, they found out that the survey respondents who have actively used Pinterest in the past six months, 96% reported they use Pinterest to research and gather information. Ninety-three percent reported that they use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and another 87% reported Pinterest engagement has helped them decide what to purchase.

Pinterest For Your Business, Is It A Good Idea?

With people using Pinterest to plan for purchases, I think it’s safe to say that Pinterest is a platform that entrepreneurs should utilize. Using Pinterest for your business increases the chance of your brand or product’s exposure. Imagine this, when someone pins your latest post, and then five people repin it! It’s a domino effect which means increased awareness, more traffic, leads and even sales.

How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

Ready to use Pinterest as one of your strategies? Here are tips and strategies to get your Pinterest up and running:

Set Up Your Account

Open a Pinterest account if you haven’t. Add a profile picture, location, company description and a link to your website. Before you start pinning, make sure your profile’s optimized for Pinterest. This way, your audience will easily see your information.


Convert Your Personal to Business Account

If you have a personal Pinterest account, you might want to convert it to a business account. Using Pinterest for your business, figures and data are important as these provide valuable insights into your business. With a business account, you have a greater overview of how your pins are doing.


Start Pinning

After you’ve setup your account, start pinning! Promote your latest products, services or blog posts. You can add pins from a website, upload your own or install a Pinterest extension. Create visually appealing pins so that people are drawn to it and increase the chance of it getting re-pinned by individuals.


Create Boards

Separate your pins through a theme, category or products. This way, people can easily navigate and find products/posts that are in the same category. You can also add a widget on your website with your selected board.


Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article. App pins show “install button” for Android/iOS without leaving Pinterest, Product pin shows pricing, availability, & where to buy, Recipe pin has all the info you need to cook your food. Lastly, Article pin helps pinner easily save articles.


Optimize Your Website

When you’re using Pinterest for your business, the first thing you need to do is to optimize your website for Pinterest. Add a Pinterest button and a link to your Pinterest account on your website. Place a widget with a Pinterest board on your website.


Use Apps

There are a lot of apps that can help you with Pinterest, so use them. It will save you time and make your publishing schedule consistent. Board Booster is one of the top choices for pin scheduling. You can also try Tailwind – an automation, analytics tool for Pinterest.


These are some strategies on how you can use Pinterest for your business. If you want to intensify your marketing strategy, make sure to use various tricks and see which channel/platforms work and how you can make it better.


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