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Day 1: Create Your Entrepreneurial Life

Learn the Steps it Takes to Launch Your New Business!

Have you wanted to launch your own business but haven't the faintest idea where to start or what to do?


Day 1: Create Your Entrepreneurial Life was written for you! 

This actionable guide will take you through the steps to set yourself up for success with advice, tips, and examples from a 5x award-winning entrepreneur.

Day 1 is available at:

What’s Inside

How to Find Your Perfect Customer

Who are you going to sell to and why will they want your product? We’ll dive deep and do the homework that helps you find your ideal customer (and saves you a ton of money going after the wrong ones!)

How to Handle Business Hiccups

We all face hardships, but it’s how we navigate those moments that puts us ahead of our competitors. 

We’ll address what to do if you hit a tiny biz pothole, a ginormous biz roadblock, and everything in between.

How to Find Your Best Allies in Unexpected Places

Learn the secret group of friends you’ll cultivate that help your business thrive, and it’s not who you probably think I’m talking about!


About The Author

I built my first business right out of college and grew it into an “industry darling” that garnered 5 industry awards (beating out ginormous conglomerates), got my name in the New York Times, and enjoyed a cult-like devotion from its fans. 

Now I want the same for you. Let’s create your dream business together!

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