Courses and Tools

Books and Tools

Create a business you love with this workbook that helps you define your goals, niche your customer base, and develop a lasting brand.

Stuck in a blogging rut? This has over 200 prompts specifically designed for entrepreneurs, that’s nearly 4 years of content!

PRICR takes the guesswork out of pricing strategy by combining your costs, overhead, and hourly pay and turning it into profit.

Develop your business financial plan and keep track of your quarterly goals, weekly marketing tactics, and fan count.


Develop product descriptions that sell your product, convey your passion, and turn “meh” visitors into rabid fans.

Are you making a profit off of your Instagram account? Take this 30 day bootcamp course to turn Instagram into a profit building machine

Feeling in a funk with your business? Join my free 30 day challenge to getcha groove back

Ready to make sure your next launch is a total success? Give this free 5 day course a try and learn the skills to develop your most profitable product launch yet


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