business plans

Some of you may remember back in 2010 I took a course on business planning offered by NY. Some of you may also know that I had to drop out of the class because Metropolis got hit with a bunch of big press mentions and I had to prioritize my time. Orders came before the class. I’m not sad about that, I did what needed to be done and I still have the book from the course, though god knows if I would ever read it without needing to for class.

Last week I found this awesome resource, which is basically a template that you drop your info in and it generates the business plan for you (though you will still need to tweak the layout a bit). It doesn’t get more idiot proof than that. But it brings up the old overwhelming anxiety I had about business plans before.

Namely…this is serious business.

It seems like such a daunting task, to sit down and THINK about PLANNING your business. So many of us (myself included!) just jumped in to see what would happen and the thought of sticking to a laid out plan just seems unfathomable.

I don’t know what goals I have for Metropolis other than I want it to grow and I never want to have to look at someone elses office with disdain again. So that is my motivation for sitting down and planning this mother out. Will it be perfect? Probably not. But, with most things, it’s a start.

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