About Megan


I never intended to be a business owner.

Well, maybe I did. But I never really thought about it. You see, I got my degree in a blended program of Psychology, Sociology, and History (because I am a nerd). As it got closer to graduation, I realized that I’d have to go out into the professional world and that my degree was officially useless. I knew I’d have to start as a corporate drone somewhere, or maybe be someones assistant, and try to work my way up to middle management at best. The thought of being in the same cubicle, dealing with the same office politics, for the next 40 years of my life sounds like my own private hell. I knew I would have to figure out my own path, and I’d have to do it quickly.

I graduated and soon after launched my business, MSC Skin Care + Home (formerly Metropolis Soap Company, which is where the “MSC” comes from). I didn’t have a business background, and the thought of writing out a business plan sounded like really bad homework.

Needless to say, I probably did everything backwards. And yet, somehow my business garnered 5 industry awards; these clear glass pieces that you can’t see even if you’re looking directly at them, but all seem to have embarrassing titles like “Most Innovative” and “Best New Product.” They always make me a little uncomfortable (mostly because I’m afraid I’ll break them), but they prove that I didn’t need an MBA to figure out a path to success. When I saw my name appear in The New York Times, I knew there was no turning around. I was an entrepreneur.

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