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52 in 2016

SO many people make resolutions at the beginning of each year, and despite my punk-rock/fight-the-system-which-is-too-exhaustive mentality, I am no different.

In addition to being a goal nerd, I'm also impatient…which is sort of a problem when you're working towards big goals and big payoffs. Thus I decided this year to make a BUNCH of goals, 52 to be exact (1 per week). Some of them are hefty, some are smaller, and some are related to one another.

The hope with this is that little wins can keep me going as temporary rewards so that I don't get discouraged when, say, I haven't lost 50 lbs in a week and taken over the world by February (maybe March).

If you want to follow along, I've also made a printable for you at the end of this post. There are a few rules here:

  1. I/You don't need to accomplish a new goal each week, but all 52 should be accomplished before 2017
  2. Each goal needs to have a tangible result (example: “lose 30 lbs” and not “feel better about my body” [which, by the way, is a great goal to have but harder to cross off a list as “completed,” know what I mean?])
  3. None of the goals are, in my opinion, goals that I cannot control outright. For example, I haven't put anything here about number of pageviews for the blogs or subscriptions for the podcast because I have no direct control in that.

In the interest of not boring you to tears with 52 random goals, I've broken them up into categories. I've left the printable categories blank for you to decide, though. Let's do this!


  1. Lose 35lb
  2. Wake up each weekday morning at 6am for 1 month straight
  3. Come home by 7pm each weeknight for 1 month straight
  4. Exercise at least 2 hours each week for 1 month straight
  5. Maintain keto diet for 1 month straight
  6. Maintain keto diet for 3 months straight
  7. Sleep in bed 3 nights a week for 1 month straight (I fall asleep on my couch listening to podcasts a lot)
  8. Sleep in bed 5 nights a week for 1 month straight
  9. Sleep in bed 1 month straight
  10. Yoga/Meditation at least 1 time a week for 1 month straight
  11. Yoga/Meditation at least 1 time a week for 3 months straight


  1. Create editorial calendar for Handmade Brooklyn blog, podcast
  2. Create new content for blogs + podcast each week for 1 month straight
  3. Create new content for blogs + podcast each week for 3 months straight
  4. Create new content for blogs + podcast each week for 6 months straight
  5. Onboard new social media manager
  6. Give social media manager control of 2/5 projects
  7. Give social media manager control of 4/5 projects
  8. Give social media manager control of all projects
  9. Onboard podcast editor
  10. Transition podcast editor to podcast manager
  11. Obtain 3 sponsors for podcast by 2017
  12. [Secret Goal] in December
  13. Outsource shipping for MSC completely
  14. Publish Periscope e-book
  15. Flesh out outline for upcoming membership site
  16. Sell old soap molds and cutter
  17. Sell off work tables and bun rack (it holds curing soap)
  18. Remove things from storage and either sell or throw away
  19. Release 3 new tutorials by 2017
  20. 1 periscope video a month for 3 months straight (AKA “Get over looking at my own face”)


  1. Buy our house
  2. Buy our car
  3. Move upstate
  4. Have 1 date night each month with husband for 3 months straight
  5. Treat myself to something just for me once a month for 3 months straight
  6. Call my Mom twice a month for 3 months straight
  7. Create relationships with 2 new bloggers by 2017
  8. Create relationships with 2 new podcasters by 2017


  1. 0 debt into 2017
  2. Add at least $100 into savings each month for 9 months
  3. Go 1 month without buying anything (except groceries)
  4. Do not let bookkeeping fall more than 2 weeks behind


  1. Find a hobby (seriously, I have none and know I need one for some sanity)
  2. Get my computer tuned up (RAM, problem with my keys, battery update)
  3. Send presents to 3 friends, just because
  4. Sew the pockets in my 3 winter coats that have holes in them (Seriously. Get it together, Megan)
  5. Send another bag of clothes to Schoola (3 already sent! Schoola is awesome for a few reasons, but mostly because it's a great cause…and you can use my affiliate link for a $20 credit. boom!)
  6. Don't check email after 8pm for 1 week straight
  7. Don't check email after 8pm for 1 month straight
  8. Throw out my old makeup
  9. Read 3 newsletters regularly and unsubscribe from the rest


  • Robyn Petrik

    Wow, tons of great goals here! I admire your motivation to go after 52 goals in a year, especially with lots of substantial ones. Even if you only officially cross half of these off, you’ll have an amazing year. Good luck Megan!

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