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October 2012

A good problem to have

Warning: it’s about to get ranty up in this piece.

This past month has been my most intensive month for Metropolis to date (and it’s not even holiday season hahahaha…kill me now). Orders have been coming in from Natural Products Expo and from pre-holiday marketing. On top of that I’ve had to prepare about 600 samples for my new product broker that is starting November 1st. On top of that, I’ve signed on to do one of those beauty sampler boxes, which is 2300 samples…also due on November 1st.

Also add in that in the midst of all of this I’m losing 5 days, starting tomorrow (aka really close to November 1st), as I’m heading home for my BFFs baby shower. Needless to say, it’s been a sleepless month.

So one of the phrases that most grates on me is when I relay my stress to someone and they say:

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