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March 2012

Target marketing and the popular girls at school


In 6th grade I moved to a new school district. I had previously been at a magnet school in the inner city of Pittsburgh, and my Mom and I had moved to the outer suburbs during that year. So I was suddenly the new girl in a higher echelon of income and different world of people. Being a naive 6th grader, I had just assumed that my vernacular from the inner city would be universal, and I would fit right in to the new school system. I was smart, a “gifted/scholar” student, and that was something that had given me an advantage in my previous classes. So when I met the popular girls at the new school, I just assumed that I would fit right in to their circle, being gifted and proud of it, though with a more…uh…urban language.

When it came time for my birthday I decided to have a big birthday celebration. I invited all of the popular girls and dragged my Mom around stores picking out decorations. My Mom, who maybe had a little more sense than I did, tried to tell me that maybe we should wait until people actually RSVPd to the party before we bought all of these things. I didn’t listen, I just assumed that these girls were my friends and we had all meshed together so well.

So of course, all of the popular girls RSVPd “no” with different reasons. I was crushed, and came to the harsh reality that everything I had thought was incorrect.

So why am I telling you this coming-of-age tale?

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