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August 2011

Book Review: Onward! by Howard Schultz

Want Starbucks?

How about now?

Okay, how about after reading 300+ pages about it?

This book, I guess, is an interesting history on Starbucks and its ceo (his punctuation, not mine) and how they overcame obstacles, low sales numbers, and Schultz’s hatred of breakfast sandwiches. But most of the time I felt myself thinking (granted, a little cynically) “So what?”
I wasn’t able to really see the POINT to this book, except to make me want a Venti Soy White Mocha No Whip. It was just some ceo talking outloud.

That’s not to say I don’t love Starbucks and what they stand for as far as fair trade and employee relations goes, but I didn’t really understand the reason behind putting it in book form.

Tony Hsieh did it better.

Bottom Line
Time to read: 5+ subway rides