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June 2011

Book Review: Lovemarks

I read this book on a recommendation from a friend. The story behind the book is an interesting one: how do you move a customer from liking your brand to loving your brand? How do your customers become life-long, diehard fans? And while it doesn’t really give any hard, fast rules on how to go about doing it, Kevin Roberts illustrates what the difference is between a brand and a lovemark beautifully. The layout of the book is really refreshing and the amount of time spent layout out each image, each logo, and each picture is really spectacular.

Bottom Line:
Time to read: 2-3 subway rides

Things I suck at

A list of what I want to improve on (or pay other people to do)
Sales calls
Being Patient (can i pay someone else to be patient for me?)
Having a regular sleep schedule
Cleaning up after making soap

No one is great at everything, accept what you suck at and embrace what you’re good at doing instead.

Just ASK


Just a little note to say

Don’t be afraid to ASK.

I asked a magazine for their editorial calendar, and by reaching out I got a feature coming in October. (Don’t want to jinx it, I’ll post it when it’s up)

I asked Whole Foods buyers to take a chance on me. Most of them requested samples.

It’s hard to ask for what you want when you know it could really be a boon for your business. Let go and just ask for it.