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May 2011

Book Review: Small Message, Big Impact

Who would think that something so small as an elevator pitch could be so hard to write? It’s one of those things I never think about until it actually comes time to deliver. I’ve felt many a times that my elevator speech was lacking but didn’t know if it was me or my lack of tools for making a great pitch. And that’s where Terri Sjodin comes in.

Terri gives her readers the right tools through worksheets in the book and a few real-life examples of speeches that both went right….and wrong. Throughout the book I thought numerous times how much I enjoyed her phrasing and tempo throughout the book; she was able to teach a lot without coming off as condescending or pompous.

While very interesting and definitely a valid subject to get some clarity on, the book just wasn’t able to keep my attention throughout the duration. It could be the subject matter though…how do you make learning about elevator speeches titilating?

Time to read: 2-3 subway rides
4/5 stars

dealing with rejection in business


Dealing with rejection in life is hard enough. When you’re running a business it doesn’t get any easier, believe me! I’ve had a couple, few, lot of rejections from shows this year. Some have been ones I’m ALWAYS rejected from (glutton for punishment?), some are shows I’ve done before and that was especially hurtful. I actually ended up sending an emotional, very embarrassing email that basically equated this rejection to them breaking up with me. “I WANT TO KNOW WHY”

i know that “its just business, it isn’t personal” but it IS personal, isn’t it? This is your lifeblood, your baby that you birthed into this cold, careless world and you want the validation, damnit! It makes you begin to think maybe you’re not heading in the right direction and need a change.

but what is the direction that needs to be changed? Is it your voice/product/theme/etc or is it where you’re marketing it? So many years I’ve hated the necessary evil of craft shows…but I think I’ve hated them because it was the only place that I knew of to get my message out there. And my message doesn’t fit IN there, so it just fueled my disdain for these shows more and more.

so now im trying to remove myself and them from blame and ask, instead, if this is where i fit in best. it probably isnt…i just have to find that new place and work my way in.